God Holy Church Outreach Ministry Feeding The Homeless Also In March of 2021 of every Sunday We thank everyone for their support you can go to our website ghcom.org to make donations so we can keep doing Jesus Will for his peoples Thank You God Holy Church Outreach Ministry

God Holy Church Outreach Ministry Want To Thank Disciples In Christ Baptist Church for helping in Making This A Success Also Thank Prophetess Norma Brown Brother Clayton Brother Demetrice Brown Pastor Calvin Marbles Sister Mary Marbles Brother Shannon Smith Sister Sherry Wriggins Sister Melody Fields Sister Earnestine Sister C Marbles Brother James Sister Jasmine For All There Help Is Making This A Success For People’s In Need.

We will like To Thank Kroger On McCain In North Little Rock Arkansas For All Of Their Support In Feeding The Homeless Mr. Rodney Campbell, Mr. John Walton, Mr. Cody Brady, Mr. Austin Jordan The Company Of Kroger Helping This Ministry To Keep Feeding The Homeless Thank You Mangers Of McCain Store Mr. John Walton God Bless You All We Will Love To Thank Our volunteers that always come out to support too feeding the homeless Prophetess Norma Brown,Evangelist Linda Moore, Sister Shirley Swanigan, Mr. Clayton, Demetrice Brown,And Ro Session We Want To Thank Everyone For Their Support and Support With Prepare The Food We Went Go Out To Feeds The Homeless Once A Month.

God Holy Church Outreach Ministry we want to thank everyone for all donations Hog Meat Marketing On Camp Robinson North Little Rock Arkansas We fed 200 Hundred Homeless People’s in Little Rock And North Little Rock Arkansas Off Roosevelt’s Rd Colonial Glenn Rd Broadway Rd Also Crystal Hill Rd We Went also in the woods where they live and we Thank God for that Blessing Amen Also I Want to thank Prophetess Norma Brown Evanglist Shirley Swanigan Bro Demetrice Brown Bro Shannon Bro Clayton for the help in being able to continue to feed the homeless

God Holy Church Outreach Ministry Feeding The Homeless On November 21,2020 We Want Thank Disciple In Christ Baptist Church For The Donation Of Feeding The Homeless For Thanksgiving Also Thank Pastor Calvin Marbles And 1st Lady Mary Marbles Also Sister Sherry Wriggins , Sister Melody Fields Also Prophetess Norma Brown, Evangelist Shirley Swanigan ,Brother Demetrice Brown, Brother Clayton For All Support And Help To Make This Event Possible Thank You God Bless God Holy Church Outreach Ministry.