From: Prophetess N. Brown 

I just want to thank God for another blessing and being able to give my testimony from this last two week my husband was dying and his kidneys and organs was shutting  down and he had a disease in his bone that was going to cause him to lose his leg. But Amen I know a God that set high and look low and guide our feet wherever I go Amen. The Doctor came in the room and told my husband that he have a bad infection in his body and my husband spirit just died. I told my husband just look one minute God have been there for you once before for you and God not going to leave you right now. So I ask my husband do he believe God will bring you threw ? So he had hope once again and then the Doctor left out the room. So he still have his leg and he at home Praise God what a wonderful God we service Amen. All we have to do is have a little Faith as a mustard seed AMEN. I thank God For His Wonderful Blessing AMEN.


From: Sister Brenda Green And Sister Carrie Ward

I want to thank God Holy Church Outreach Ministry for all they support doing our family time of grief when my sister pasted on home, Me and my mother is very grateful to Prophetess Brown in helping us through our time of grief and with the service for my sister and my mother daughter and we thank the Prophetess for her caring love and support and her loving spirit in our time of need. We are glad to have met Prophetess Brown in our time of need and now we have a friend and I have a sister in Christ and my mother have another daughter. We also became a member of God Holy Church Outreach Ministry as well. We thank God for this great woman of GOD Prophetess Brown. We never felt so much love as we felted from Prophetess Brown

From: Sister Shirley Swanigan  Little Rock, Arkansas

I have a testimonial I have diabetes and a problem with my back and the doctor say I have nerve damage problems on my disc. But, I walk with a walker but, my sister in Christ Prophetess Brown told me to have Faith to walk without the walker. I walked two days without my walker now. I thank God for the Prophetess and her prayer for me an my health. The  Prophetess told me I have to have faith in order for anything can work and for God is a healing and through Christ all things are possible Amen. I thank God for God Holy Church Outreach Ministry and the Prophetess Brown for prayer and encouragement and me and my family  also member of this Church .


From: Shemika  Swanigan  Little Rock, Arkansas

I thank God for God Holy Church Outreach Ministry for helping me to overcome thing I am going through in my life. I hank God for the Youth Ministry it is a great help for my two sons and now they are learning how to sing as well as how to love one another thanks to the Prophetess. Also I thank God for my strength and for the Prophetess helping me to over my depression and to depend on God and I am glad to know that we have people like the Prophetess that care what happen to others. If you want help and need someone to talk  with the Prophetess is the best person to help and this Church care about all your needs. They help us with food as well clothes and other things we need, Thanks God Holy Church Outreach Ministry and Prophetess Brown and if anyone in need of help call and talk with the Prophetess and if you need prayer call and she and the Church will pray with you also and help if you have a need. They is a small Church but big in heart and Spirit. I thank God for this Church Ministry.